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Can Friends Be Spiritual Directors?

You, my buddy, are an inspiration! Many people become stuck because they make some progress, feel satisfied, and then complacent, and then, well, things normally don’t go as planned. The Lord warns the lukewarm that they shall be spit out of his mouth in the book of Revelation (3:16). To begin, there is never a […]

The Joy of Giving

The resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday is the holiest day of the year. However, we all eagerly wait for Christmas like nothing. It’s an exciting period from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Decorations, beloved dishes, and delicacies are exclusively used during this season. Family traditions are carried down, and we build our own additions to […]

The Word and Silence

The laments of the earth, the tears of the human heart, and the cries of God all converge in the Lord’s Nativity. These common sighs and sorrows reveal silences shrouded in Divine Power, from which the Savior emerges. God has never been apathetic to the misery of even the tiniest of his creatures, despite the […]

Change your view-angles to life: 5 ways to practise Gratitude daily

Whatever life throws at you, whether it’s ups and downs or highs and lows, every chapter is bright and lovely! It’s easy to feel congested and clogged these days, especially in this newest lane of existence. The bustling streets and crowded surroundings can frequently alienate you from tranquil spiritual paths. From bit to ocean, life […]