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The Word and Silence

The laments of the earth, the tears of the human heart, and the cries of God all converge in the Lord’s Nativity. These common sighs and sorrows reveal silences shrouded in Divine Power, from which the Savior emerges.

God has never been apathetic to the misery of even the tiniest of his creatures, despite the fact that unaided reason is unaware of His presence. He is always working for them. That is why like a shepherd seeks for lost sheep in a desert or a parent seeks out his lost son, we find Him searching in the world’s silences and poverty throughout the Scriptures.

The Living God becomes embroiled in the plight of the forgotten, ignored, and rejected until he, too, is forgotten, neglected, and rejected. When his children call out to Him, no matter how lost they are, He is not repulsed. He joyously welcomes them home and accepts the consequences of their transgressions, enduring them with the wisdom that recognizes that evil has its bounds. Love is more powerful than hatred, and it outlasts anger and bitterness. Love restores what we have shattered.

In the short term, such a course leads to shame, and in the heat of the moment, it appears to be a definite defeat. God’s love, on the other hand, can never be vanquished. God chose the humiliated and lowly out of pure love, even to the point of his own humiliation and death. His love, on the other hand, is stronger than death, and the pandemonium of Hell has no power over this Light. As a result, He lifts those who are bowed down and prepares them for the long journey home. All of this and more is made possible by the modest “yes” of individuals who choose to serve Him. These are the souls that He invites into even deeper silences, expansive spaces that the world cannot comprehend, nights so dark that they alone can hold a light brighter than a day.

He encourages those who choose to trust Him to travel where no other creature has gone before. He extends this offer by surrendering his son to them. The invitation is one of faith, the decision to trust even when the option appears to be the most difficult. This is because God can only be welcomed via faith, and trust only gets strong when it is put to the test. The Word comes to those who will receive him in times of stress and adversity, and he sees his Father’s power in them, which thrills Him. He appears in the form of a baby, vulnerable. He comes as the Father’s pure gift for no other purpose than love, love, and love alone.

The Father has spoken his Word into the world’s quiet. The Word penetrated and resounded into humanity’s deepest quiet. That deepest stillness took the shape of “let it be done to me,” and it was not only a silence of the spirit but also a silence of the body, taking flesh in a loving womb because it was so perfectly kept in a humble heart. Sin is unaware of this quiet, but the Word transmits strength to fight sin via it. This same force, a metamorphosis in light and love, is waiting to be realized in our own lives

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