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The Holy Bible Trivia Quiz

Medium (Timer 6 mins) 10 questions

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When Jesus is baptized, the Spirit of God descends on him in the shape of:

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Which language was not part of the original writings for either the Old or New Testaments?

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In the Bible it says that before there was anything, there was who or what?

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What did Noah build the ark out of?

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How many sons did Jacob have?

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Shadrach, Meshach, and _________ were saved from a fiery furnace.

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What was the name of the young man who asked God to make his woolen fleece wet with dew, but the ground to remain dry?

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What was the name of the tax collector who climbed into a tree to see Jesus?

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Jesus told us to remember him with what?

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Who jumped into the sea and swam to Jesus when he saw that he had risen?

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